Friends of Streatham Cemetery

I didn't think I would end up bee-keeping in a cemetery although my Uncle Dennis was a bee-keeper and I was always fascinated by his laid back advances on his hives.


One summer I cycled around Streatham Cemetery (actually in Tooting) and puzzled at how such a beautiful green space was so hidden and uncared for. The grass had grown very long around the graves and a meadow had shot up in the middle of Tooting.


Lucinda Denning and I set up the Friends of Streatham Cemetery, which 4 years on flourishes 'cherishing History, Wildlife and Beauty' - honouring the dead and celebrating the living.


4 of us have been trained as beekeepers, we have built an apiary and installed two bee colonies which after a great deal of rain, now seem to be happy.  Future plans involve planting bee friendly forage, a bio diversity plan, restoration of one of the rose-windowed chapel and an opening up of this miraculous green space in the heart of Tooting. We have an Open Day on Sept 15th Saturday 2pm-4pm.

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