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London International Festival of Theatre

LIFT has given me a life-long sense of the possible.


  My 25 years there as co-founder director, with Rose Fenton, of the London International Festival of Theatre (1980-2005) have been foundational, giving me a world-view; skills of creative entrepreneurship and the ability to navigate complex social and political environments, often at times of major historic cultural change world-wide.


  Many of our productions in London were 'site-specific' so we worked across private and public sectors, creating new connections against the odds to make things happen in London with a wide range of communities, partners and participants.  Many of these productions triggered lasting change wherever they took place: Three Mills Island Studios, Gabriel's Wharf, Paddington Basin and Bankside Power Station.  With artists Paul Burwell and Anne Bean, we drew attention to the derelict station in 1993 by lighting a giant flame from its chimney. Nuclear Electric had wanted to demolish the building.

LIFT 30th birthday

Producing, commissioning, presenting 5,000 artists from all over the world.

"The only hope is in the creation of alternative values, alternative realities. The only hope is in daring to redream one's place in the world - a beautiful act of imagination, and a sustained act of self becoming.  Which is to say that in some way or other we breach and confound the accepted frontiers of things."


Words of Ben Okri (A Way of Being Free) I read at LIFT's 30th birthday party.

 LIFT 30th Birthday Party

 July 2011

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