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The Happy Museum Project looks at how the UK museum sector can respond to the challenges presented by the need for creating a more sustainable future.


The Project proposes that museums have innate qualities that can inspire a re-imagining of society that values co-operation and stewardship of our surroundings as much as it does economic wellbeing.  A Manifesto for Well Being includes a set of 6 principles which examine how museums might cement the linkage between well-being and environmental sustainability, how they might pursue more mutual relationships within civic society and how they might better articulate the possibilities of a good life in a low-carbon world.


My colleague Hilary Jennings and I work as Happiness Associates with the Project's director, Tony Butler and Evaluator Mandy Barnett.


We have just emerged from the 2nd very successful Happy Museum Symposium in Chester and our new look website is filling up with fantastic material and news of all the 12 commissions' work.  We are working with filmmaker Clive Ardagh to make a film of the whole project.


In the meantime, here is something wonderful that arrived today from the Beaney in Canterbury: The Paper Apothecary


Happy Museum Project

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