Case for Optimism - C4O - makes a space for leaders in the arts and cultural sector to reflect on personal, professional and collective roles in response to the challenges of our time: the ongoing financial crisis, the end of the oil age and climate change.


The programme of day-long events has been invented by Teo Greenstreet, Hilary Jennings and myself and continues to evolve month by month with each producing partner. We have now held a total of 12 days and are working on preparing C4013 and C4014.


*  C4O2 (our abbreviation for the first C40) is apparently an 'exotic oxide' called tetracarbon dioxide.  It is the fourth member of the family of linear carbon dioxides O(=C)n=O, that includes carbon dioxide CO2 .  It looks a bit like a larva or chrysallis and appears to be inherently unstable.  

Case for Optimism

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